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Prudence Ainslie

In the summer of 2015, she was Rabley Contemporary's 'Print Artist in Residence' in Venice. Staying in a palazzo near Titian's garden, she was inspired to make these two beautiful editions by glimpses of this master of Venice's residence seen though the closed gateway to his garden. Selected images were printed onto clear film and formed into folded 3D objects. These objects were re-photographed using natural light, capturing both the scene and the shadow cast by the prevailing light conditions.

This photograph of the 3D object and its shadow is printed as an archival digital print and the woodcut printed frame perfectly mimics the shape of both the 3D structure and its shadow as one flattened form. The subtle opaque surface of the woodcut is in contrast to the illusion of the 3form and shadow.

Collections - Victoria and Albert Museum, London
of an Instant' is an installation of intaglio prints and a stop-frame film of 450 cinematic stills. It explores the possibility of capturing, recognising and assembling a moment in time. These elements are presented in a numerically logical culmination of imagery, as vision in motion. Here the single picture loses its separate identity and becomes a part of an assembly; a structural component of a whole.
Exploring both the instant and the past, the moment captured in the image is of no particular duration and can never be repeated. At the same time the viewing of a still can be extended as long as the fascination lasts, thus dictating the spectator's perception of a moment through the arrangement of sequence and imagery.

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