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Tom Hammick - Prints

Tom Hammick's atmospheric landscape prints emerge from cut wood. His images are metaphors for the human condition; reflecting states of mind, transience, fragility and awe. He is inspired by the British Romantic tradition and Eastern culture. Hammick has an international reputation for his stunning colourful printmaking. Selected Exhibitions - UK: Brighton Museum and Art Gallery; Rabley Drawing Centre; Flowers Gallery, London; USA: Flowers NewYork, Yale Centre for British Art; The Library of Congress, Washington DC.; Canada: Christina Parker Gallery; France: Hypnagogic; Galerie Prodromus, Paris. Public Collections - UK: British Museum; Victoria and Albert Museum. France: Bibliotheque Nationale de France Bank.

Tom Hammick
Passes Between Us
New prints and paintings
22 May - 25 June 2016

Waiting for Time II  by Tom Hammick



Waiting for Time II , 2016


80 x 60 cms

Edition Variable of 15

  • Waiting for Time II  by Tom Hammick
  • Night Garden 2015 by Tom Hammick
  • Cloudy Mountain 15/25 by Tom Hammick
  • Back Home by Tom Hammick
  • Listening Eyes by Tom Hammick
  • Violetta II by Tom Hammick
  • Violetta I by Tom Hammick
  • Polka 17/20 by Tom Hammick
  • Garden House by Tom Hammick
  • Compound 'Day' (EV5) by Tom Hammick
  • Compound 'Night' (EV4) by Tom Hammick
  • Nocturnal, Paintings seen from a Garden Series  by Tom Hammick
  • Pavilion 6/20 by Tom Hammick
  • Trailer 12/20 by Tom Hammick
  • Semi by Tom Hammick
  • Outskirts (Day) by Tom Hammick
  • Path  by Tom Hammick
  • Fall Out by Tom Hammick
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