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Prudence Ainslie - ISOLA

Prudence Ainslie's prints are constructed worlds, created from Venice's hidden gardens and architecture. These spaces are only glimpsed as a visitor to the city, an outsider, a voyeur.

From these obscured views, selected photographic frames are folded to create structures that emulate the original hidden worlds. Each is re-imaged using the unique Venetian light to create the illusion of 3D. Ainslie explores the dynamic of inside and outside, near and far, confinement and openness.

In Sight of Titian's Garden and the Laguna Veneta
Exhibition 20 Nov - 18 Dec

Titian's Garden I by Prudence Ainslie



Titian's Garden I, 2016

Digital, woodcut and chine colle print

32.5 x 36 cms

Block Size 17.5 x 22cm, Edition 25, Framed

  • Titian's Garden I by Prudence Ainslie
  • Titian’s Garden II by Prudence Ainslie
  • Palazzo by Prudence Ainslie
  • Finestra - out (Blue) by Prudence Ainslie
  • Finestra - in (red) by Prudence Ainslie
  • Lacuna I by Prudence Ainslie
  • Lacuna II by Prudence Ainslie
  • Lacuna III by Prudence Ainslie
  • Lacuna IV by Prudence Ainslie
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