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LONDON ART FAIR 2019 - Nicholas Lees

Nicholas Lees' ceramic vessels explore the uncertainty that rests within boundaries and across thresholds. He is interested in the interaction between what is solid material and what is often considered numinous and ephemeral. This uncertainty is key to his enquiry; how to realise the physical and spatial representation of the blurred and uncertain edge?

New explorations include 'Evaporation Vessel'. 2018. Made of parian porcelain with soluble cobalt. The colour comes from soluble cobalt salt. This is applied to the inside of the biscuit fired vessel. The vessel is then filled with water and left to saturate. The water is removed and the piece allowed to dry. The process of evaporation concentrates the cobalt onto the edges of the fins. Thus the 'decoration' is applied from the inside out and moves through the form, which relates nicely to some of the original ideas behind the work to with ephemerality of the boundary of form.

Within this body of work the edge is seen and felt through the shadows cast or by resonating against a backdrop of diffused light. The presence of a vessel, or the group of vessels floats and shifts according to perception and ones own physical relationship to each piece. Working in drawing and ceramics he describes his main materials as porcelain, space and light.

Public collections: York City Art Gallery, Westerwald Keramikmuseum in Germany, Royal Caribbean International. Awards; 2015 Cersaie Prize at the Premio Faenza (Italy); 2010 National Sculpture Award at the Bluecoat Display Centre (Liverpool); 2012 Desmond Preston Prize for Excellence in Drawing at the RCA. Lees is visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art, London, UCA Farnham and Bath Spa University.

Evaporation Vessel by Nicholas Lees



Evaporation Vessel, 2018


20 x 25 x 20 cm

Parian Porcelain and cobalt


  • Evaporation Vessel by Nicholas Lees
  • Floating Bow16.26 by Nicholas Lees
  • Floating Bowl 16.27 by Nicholas Lees
  • Leaning Ovoid 18.04 by Nicholas Lees
  • Leaning Vessel 17.14 by Nicholas Lees
  • Leaning Vessel 18.06 by Nicholas Lees
  • Leaning Vessel 16.31 by Nicholas Lees
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