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LONDON ART FAIR 2019 - Peter Randall Page

New drawings and sculptures 2018
Peter Randall page is informed and inspired by the study of natural phenomena and its subjective impact on our emotions.

The 'Evolution' drawings 2018 reflect ideas of pattern, mirror and Tessellation. The blackness of the ink on the hand-made paper visually cuts the surface as a chisel on stone. This free drawing continues onto the surface of the 'pebble' sculptures where ideas for monument works are explored.

These new mirror image drawings allow for the spirit of inventiveness while working within the constraints of a series of rectangular sheets (the drawn line always bisects each side of the paper). This way of working has developed out of my interest in the way nature seems to exist in dynamic tension between a tendency towards order and a tendency towards chaos. I like the way this tricks the eye, the symmetry is both evident and hidden while the line is both meandering and constrained.

In Evolution I & II, the patterns on the paper panels are reminiscent of Rorschach ink blots. They have an identical mirrored counterpart made by folding the paper in various ways and a hand drawn equivalent. At first glance the patterns appear entirely symmetrical but subtle variations emerge and subjective imagery appears and disappears before your eyes. The natural world evolves from small shifts and mutations and the drawings hopefully evoke a sense of this whilst also being an ambiguous expressive evocative puzzle.

Public & private collections - Japan, South Korea, Australia, USA, Turkey, Eire, Germany and the Netherlands. Public sculptures in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Oxford and Cambridge and the permanent collections of the Tate Gallery and the British Museum.

Peter Randall-Page is an elected Royal Academician, internationally renowned for his sculpture and drawings. Awards -1999; Honorary Doctorate of Arts from the University of Plymouth; 2009 Honorary Doctorate of Letters from York St John University; 2010

Exhibition at RABLEY GALLERY 2019
Peter Randall Page RA
New Drawings and Small Sculpture.
9 March - 20 April

Evolution I by Peter Randall-Page RA



Evolution I, 2018

Ink on paper

51 x 83 cm

On four sheets

  • Evolution I by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Evolution II by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Stone Maquette IX by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Stone Maquette V by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Stone Maquette VIII by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Warp and Weft III by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Warp and Weft IV by Peter Randall-Page RA
  • Warp and Weft by Peter Randall-Page RA
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