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'Beyond the Ptolemaic Theory, Beyond the Copernican Theory
This work is expression of 'Ptolemaic Theory' and 'Copernican Theory' as simple stage settings, however, it is actually difficult to feel Earth's rotation on the ground and Sun and Stars look like they are running around the globe. In this feeling, there are no difference between ancients and us. In this way, we should know that it is realistically difficult to feel a truth even you understand the truth in your head. The news that our Cosmologists knew less than 2% of the universeThat means we know almost nothing. This work could be a reminder of this fact.

'Putting Air Into the Picture! Letting Air Out of the Picture!'
'This work is a piece of paper which is facing you with some messages. Can I say that the piece of work is the boundary between inside of the picture and out side of the picture? If so, I would like to send the wind in order to have an airy circumstances between you and picture. There are two electric fans on the stage, backward and forward. Mission complete, if you could feel some flow of the wind from the picture.'

'Water Mirror - Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter' have great empathy with the monoprints' variation and individuality, the hand painting of the woodblocks revealing fluctuations of wood-grain on the paper surface.

Born in Osaka, Japan in 1956, Shiomi studied oil painting and printmaking at the Tama Art University (BA, MA), Tokyo, before she came to London to study contemporary art and received an MA in printmaking from the Royal College of Art in 1991. She has been living and working in London since 1989. Shiomi is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers and Japan Artists Association Inc. Rabley Contemporary is Shiomi's representing gallery since 2012. In 2017 Rabley Contemporary and Nana Shiomi co-published This Side and the Other Side, Nana Shiomi Woodcuts 1996 - 2016 .

Internationally, Shiomi's work has been shown in exhibitions in the UK, United States, Italy, Japan, Iran, Finland, Slovenija, Ireland, China and Portugal. Her work is held in a number of public collections including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, Oriental Museum, Durham, Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, Bronx Museum of the Arts, NY, USA, Royal College of Art, Wimbledon School of Art, London, Brunel University, Middlesex, Aberystwyth University, Wales and Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan.

Beyond the Ptolemaic Theory, Beyond the Copernican Theory by Nana Shiomi



Beyond the Ptolemaic Theory, Beyond the Copernican Theory, 2019

Woodcut on Japanese Paper

75 x 108 cm

Image SIze 60 x 95cm
Edition 30
On show at the RA Summer Exhibition until 12th August


  • Beyond the Ptolemaic Theory, Beyond the Copernican Theory by Nana Shiomi
  • Putting Air Into the Picture. Letting Air Out of the Picture by Nana Shiomi
  • Water Mirror Spring  by Nana Shiomi
  • Water Mirror Summer by Nana Shiomi
  • Water Mirror Autumn by Nana Shiomi
  • Water Mirror Winter by Nana Shiomi
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